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Why Exercise with us?

Happy New Year. I'm Rosa Reeve, I Previously worked as a Radiographer and now running my Pilatespluswellness business in Battersea, Balham, Clapham and Streatham. I have a little girl 4yrs and a little boy 14 months. I have been teaching Pilates for 12 years now and love my work which hopefully comes across in the classes I do myself. I have a team of teachers working for me who are Body control... Pilates teachers or Stott Pilates trained.

Welcome to our Pilates plus wellness page where we offer Body control Pilates classes from Pregnancy Pilates to Mixed Ability Pilates, Beginners, Healthy backs pilates, Intermediate classes and much more.

Pilates Classes (please view our timetable) I have my own website with booking system you can book and pay on line
Personal Training and Pilates 1:1 and 2:1 or small group home sessions - Get Fit and that combine Pilates with Functional training and fitness. Get results in your body, feel more toned, lose inches around your waist and hips if this is the goal. We use coaching and goal setting and set a programme tailored to you to make sure you rid of bad habits that don't serve you, get rid of limiting beliefs and get results to feel great and look great too. Contact Rosa for further details.

Our classes run in sync with school term time. Spring Term starts 4th January - 28th March. It is cheaper to book a full term but there is a option to book part one and part two separately as well as drop in sessions if there is space available.

Have time out for you, get fit, toned and strong and have Me time!

Pilates classes are usually performed in a group environment and are primarily mat-based designed to help your breathing technique, strengthen core muscles and improve posture.
Insured By: Repshpcbody Control Pilates

Insured By: Repshpcbody Control Pilates
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